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Easily convert your PDF into an HTML5 edition that can be viewed on laptops, tablets and mobiles. Optimised for all devices and search engines, your digital content can be enjoyed by readers worldwide.

Super-Fast, Pixel Perfect Pages

Our state-of-the-art technology converts your PDF into sharp and web optimised HTML5 editions for desktops, tablets and mobiles.

Measurable Readership Growth

Our comprehensive analytics detail page views, user location, url and email links opened, downloads, and much more.

Controlled Circulation

Whether free, paid for or controlled circulation, Flickread enables you to grow your digital audience in just a few easy steps.

Bringing Your PDF Edition to Life

Add sizzle to your PDF in minutes with our platform's unique features. Embed video, slide shows, live links and more.

Flickread enables you to embed a mini-flick of your editions on your web site.

Control your content

Flickread gives you complete control of your content as well as peace of mind your content isn't being shared by unauthorised users.

Whether you wish to grant free access, controlled entitlement, email gathering or charge subscriptions, Flickread puts you in total control of your content delivery. With options to integrate with your existing payment gateway, connect to your subscriber API, or simply upload a spreadsheet of users, you can be sure there’s a solution for your business. Peace of mind comes guaranteed. Our platform was designed for the publishing industry, and not ‘PDF sharers’ so we never allow unauthorised uploads of your content.

From Desktop to Mobile

Perfectly optimised for web browsers, and fully responsive, so your whole audience can enjoy on all devices.

Flickread uses cutting edge technology to convert your PDF to true HTML5, developed and perfected by our own engineers. It's not old fashioned Flash or just a picture of your PDF, which means your digital editions will work perfectly on all devices and contain searchable text, perfect for SEO and social media.

Make Flickread Your Own

Flickread is the platform with Storefronts, your own branded page for all your editions and links.

Set up an Optimum Flickread account today and create your own customised Storefront, where your readers will access and enjoy all your editions. There are no 'suggested links' to rival magazines and no Google Ads, just your publications for the world to enjoy on your own branded page.

Sell Advertising Space

Generate revenue from your content by adding banner advertising to your digital ediitons

When uploading your editions, you can also add banner advertising that appears when your digital editions are viewed. Your banner ads are clickable to open your advertisers web pages. Banner views and user clicks are recorded for you in Flickread analytics.

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  • Publish on Flickread
  • PDF to Web (HTML5)
  • Share on all devices
  • FlickBuzz Shortlinks
  • Content and keyword SEO


£49.95/mo or (£495 /yr)

  • Branded Storefront
  • Banner Advertising Support
  • Unlimited Editions*
  • Detailed Analytics
  • MiniFlick Embedding
  • Content and keyword SEO
  • Controlled Circulation
  • Payment Gateway Support

Full Service


  • Optimisation Service
  • PDF Upload Service
  • Branded Storefront
  • Banner Advertising Support
  • Unlimited Editions*
  • Details Analytics
  • MiniFlick Embedding
  • Content and keyword SEO
  • Controlled Circulation
  • Payment Gateway Support

*Fair usage policy applies and reselling prohibited